Shoes spread disease, and hospitals never had a solution.
Until Now.

Shoe-based pathogens are a $55B infection problem for hospitals. Our patented UVC shoe sanitizer kills up to 99.99% of pathogens – saving hospitals money

HealthySole UV-C shoe sanitizer, a stainless steel platform with blue foot prints.

HealthySole PLUS is used by:

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How it works

HealthySole PLUS uses powerful UVC light to destroy up to 99.99% of pathogens on shoe soles

HealthySole PLUS unit is strategically placed for consistent use.
Healthcare worker steps onto the unit & aligns shoes with infrared sensors.
High-powered plasma lamps emit germicidal UVC through patented raised steel ridge.
UVC light destroys 99% of pathogens in just 8 seconds.
Healthcare environments now have a safe and effective way to keep their patients safe.
HealthySole UV-C shoe sanitizer, a stainless steel platform with blue foot prints.
Named Newsweek’s most innovative healthcare product 2 years in a row

Market info

Projected annual revenue of $121 Million

By 2027 we project $121 million in global revenue with 15% market share.

Combined US market of over $2.6 Billion

We’re already generating sales in 3 core markets: long-term care, first responders, and healthcare facilities.

HealthySole PLUS saves hospitals money

Over 900,000 people each year contract infections while in hospital, costing hospitals $55 Billion. Pathogens like E.Coli and MRSA spread via shoe soles, increasing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.


Hospital-acquired infections per year

$55 Billion

In annual hospital costs


Spread via shoe soles increasing risk of infections
Germ-covered shoe sole with close-up of bacteria.

We’re growing fast


revenue growth from 2019-2021


international utility patents
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Signed with top distributors


investments so far

Next steps

562% revenue growth is just the beginning

Build sales team to address high volume of clients

Expand into Europe for additional market adoption.

Partner with additional worldwide distributors

Optimize for more cost-effective production

Competitive advantages

6X less expensive
Tough stainless steel design
Third-party validated
Rental & leasing options
Ozone & chemical-free

Invest in a socially-responsible solution

Group of four people hugging during sunset.

HealthySole keeps vulnerable patients and healthcare workers safe.

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“HealthySole provided us with the equipment and technology needed to make sure our members went home in the morning.”

- Robert Ramirez, Fire Captain, Margate, FL

“Using HealthySole units makes a tremendous difference in our patient care.”

- Dr. Raghu Nathan, Chief of Staff, Intensive Specialty Hospital

“I think HealthySole units are the number one thing you can provide for your staff to limit exposure. It offers such immense peace of mind.”

- Dillon Hart, Nurse Practitioner, Intensive Speciality Hospital

“HealthySole units are a great benefit to really any healthcare facility that wants to increase infection control. The units are extremely easy to use, completely hands-free, and they use no chemicals, unlike other alternatives.”

- Shawn Reed, Director of Business Development, Intensive Specialty Hospital

“Extremely easy and intuitive to use at each of our fire houses.”

- Roberto Lorenzo, Fire Chief, Margate, FL

“Personally, I use it several times a day, and it really gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm not tracking organisms throughout the hospital, in the nurse's station, in my patient rooms.”

- Regina Lowry, Director of Nursing

Our Team

Peter Kassel

Peter is a co-founder of the company. He comes from an entrepreneurial background, having helped run companies in marketing and production. Over the past 10 years of the company, Peter has spearheaded every aspect of HealthySole LLC from the development of the product, to patents and growth strategies. Peter is now leading the Regulation A+ Raise, representing the company on stage at LSI events and more.

Robert Kassel

COO & Chairman of the Board
Robert co-founded the company with Peter in 2011 as a way to build a family business that addressed one of the most pressing issues within healthcare. Robert has been CEO of two public companies, and has spent time as a securities lawyer and investment banker. His expertise is in building companies, acquiring and growing products and existing projects, while generating returns for investors. As our COO, he plays a part in all major strategic and financial decisions, bringing his immeasurable expertise to long-term HealthySole LLC strategies and roadmaps.

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